Food Packaging

Non Food Packaging

Seeds and Fertilizers

Soaps Shampoos and Detergents

Incense sticks

Cosmetic and Wet wipes

Pharma and Medicines

Lubricant oil


Copier Paper

Plain Packaging

  • Plain 3 Side seal Vaccum Pouches
  • Aluminium Foil Pouch
  • Plain standup Pouch
  • Metallic standup Pouch
  • Gold standup Pouch
  • Combi standup pouch
  • Dryfruit and Nut Pouch
  • Combizip pouch
  • Oval window pouch
  • zip pouch
  • spout Aluminium Pouch
  • Spout standup pouch
  • Kraft paper Zipper pouch
  • Innovative pouches
Common Structures Highlights
Pet/MetBOPP, Pet/CPP, Pet/MetCPP Excellent for high speed machines, Good moisture barrier properties
Pet/Met Pet/PE, BOPP/MetCPP High Hot Tack for good sealing on packing machines
BOPP/BOPP, BOPP/MetBOPP, BOPP/CPP Extrusion Lamination for high barrier properties for extended shelf life
BOPP/PE/MetBOPP, Pet/BOPP Matt, Gloss, Metallic & combinations available