The applications of laminated packaging pouches across industries

Use of laminating adhesives in flexible packaging


Over 74% of the total volume, demands for laminating adhesives worldwide are satisfied by flexible packaging, making it the largest and most significant application. The process of laminating involves applying a bonding chemical to attach two or more flexible packing webs to one another. These webs are made of aluminum foil, paper, or films.

The less absorbent substrate web is coated with adhesive before being placed against the other web to join. As a result, a two-layer laminate is produced. The objective of the laminating procedure is to create flexible packaging that is stronger, looks better, and has improved barrier qualities.

As a result, it can be used in any application that requires improved barrier qualities, strength, and aesthetics. Lamination is typically used in situations when the product needs packaging to preserve its freshness and increase its shelf life.

The food sector is one common example. In the food business, read-to-eat products like ice cream, potato chips, snacks, and drinks are packaged in laminated flexible packaging supplied by Karni Packaging who is the reputed laminated packaging pouches manufacturers and suppliers.

The laminated flexible packaging is applied simultaneously to uncooked foods including boil-in-a-bag pouches, products for use in a freezer to microwave, veggies, and meat. In addition to the food business, lamination is used in a variety of other sectors, including electronics, clothing, cosmetics, and medicine.

The process of lamination is generally moving in the direction of being more ecologically friendly. Companies are working to cut back on the number of lamination layers by simultaneously substituting more recyclable materials and biodegradable bonding agents for less recyclable components. For instance, aluminum foil is a conventional lamination layer that is frequently utilized because it offers excellent strength and barrier capabilities for the packaging. Aluminum foil is being frequently used to create 3-layer final products by laminating it against PET on one side and PE on the other.

With a layer of coated adhesive like AIOx or SiOx to create a 2-layer finished product, businesses are now attempting to do away with the aluminum foil in packaging the different types of products.

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