Flexible Laminated Pouches

Flexible Packaging Rolls & Bags

Karni Packaging

Karni Packaging is capable of giving a wide range of solutions depending on applications and customer aspirations:

  • Upto 8 color Printing, Reverse or Surface
  • Rollstock upto 7layers using Solventless & Solvent Dry Laminations
  • Pouches & Bags with Zipper/Spout/Hole/D-Punch/Air-Vent
  • Standup Pouches, custom printed & stock
  • Vacuum Pouches
  • High MVTR & OVTR Barrier Bags
  • PVDC Coated
  • EVOH & PA/Nylon

Karni Packaging specialises in engineering films and then laminating various films and foils to make optimised high barrier packages using: BOPA/Nylon, BOPP, PET, CPP, Aluminum Foil, Paper, CPE, 3layer & 5layer co-ex PE Sealant co-ex PE films can be engineers for High Speed Flow-wrap & Vacuum, High Speed VFFS for Multi-Track, Seal Thru Contamination, High Barrier applications.

Karni Packaging offers a large range of flexible packaging materials and applications to a variety of industries and markets increasing shelf-life and barrier properties
such as :
Food Packaging : Dry Foods, Frozen Foods, Liquids & Viscous, Snack Foods, Nutritional & Health Foods, Pet Foods, Other Agricultural Products
Speciality Consumer & FMCG : Tea & Coffee, Confectionary & Candy, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering Products & Garments

For manufacturing, exporting and supplying Food packaging Material and Sealed Pouches.

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